Rape aftermath and recovery

I cried when I read  the pychologists report which said; Ms Cheyne clearly satisfies the criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ms Cheyne’s symptomology is highly unlikely to resolve without extensive psychotherapy over a number of years. Ms Cheyne is an excelent candidate for therapy. Nevertheless, even with intensive therapy she will continue to experience some degree of symptomology throught her life. ” To me this felt like a life sentance. My life living with these sypmtoms was not a life that I wanted.

However, along with feeling hopeless something woke up inside me. I knew what I was expeiencing was what I called rape aftermath. Before the horendous experience  my son and I had been through, I was your adverage,dsyfunctional, functioning mother and woman.

I agreed with some of the symptoms listed that made up the diagnosis.However, I could also add to the list.P.T.S.D originates from Shell Shock. This was the diagnosis given to soldiers returing from war. This diagnosis intiled them to insurance and some form of treatment in the U.S.A. There are connections to rape aftermath but also differences.

Rape aftermath carries a social stigma. No Anzac days, no hero’s welcome. The comparison I found was to Vietnam soldiers. They still struggle today, to be regonised. A woman who has been raped lives with shame,quilt,silence and many other unique symptoms. I was told by someone the pack rape that I experience, had something to do with my life style. I found some family and friends withdrew from me. I experienced a lot of alienation. Now given a mental illness, I had a double barrelled stigma to carry. My sufferring was even used against me in the family court. During that time, I feared losing the care of my children.

I experienced a lot of pain, anger, at times suicidal thoughts and other symptoms that were very hard to live with. The opinion that I might not be fit to parent my children was awful. I know they suffered at times from the aftermath I was experiencing and my son had his own aftermath. There was little help or understanding.

However, I was doing Women’s Studies and my feminist understanding was growing along with my determination to recover and prove “them” wrong. When I was twelve a teacher told me I was a determined little  girl but he was a determined man, so he said. We were locked in a battle of wills. There was always a core inside me that knew the truth and could could stand firm and never give up.

I was in recovery from a severe attack on my person and spirit which had triggered other trauma stories I carried silently inside me.It was this knowing that sent me on a search for inner peace. In 2000 I found it, this was a year I hit rock bottom for many reasons.However, I have had no symptoms for sixteen years. I now frame the trauma’s in my past as part of my personal, rich, tapesty , this is a part of who I am.

I am a human being and life brings change this is not always comfortable and can be confronting. I had burried past traumas’ very deeply, they continue to surface at times. However, I am aware, I even welcome them, so I can let them go and grow. I recieve them as compost which feeds my inner peace my compassion.

I found Aikido, I found N.L.P./ self hypnosis, meditation, gardening all ways that help me return to my center. I live with my flight/fight response reset like a perfectly tuned smoke alarm. Only there when needed, not going off when the toast is burning. My relaxation reponse is alive and well.

I understand that human beings have a knowing deep inside them, a knowing which is their own personal, pathway, to inner peace.This pathway takes some training but it takes one to full awareness which continues to grow and enhance inner peace.










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Hiding Grief

I remember, the day I felt my mothers’ life force wain as if it was yesterday. We were on holiday, staying in a Crib at Riverton. Walking back from the beach, holding our wet, sandy towels,my hand in hers.  Mum stopped to catch her breath. She often did this, her neck would pulsate while the blood in her body struggled to flow. Mum had suffered rhematic fever twice and a valve in her heart was damaged. However, this time was different. My own heart skipped a beat because I knew it this was not good. For the next nine months until she died on August 5th there were many times  I watched my mother fading away, I was twelve.

It was the late 50’s, not long after the war. Many familes had lost loved ones. The current way was to just carry on, that’s just how it was. After Mum was burried life for me, just carried on, school, I became and adolesent. I moved towns. It was my life but now very different.

Grief seems to hide in the cells of my body, no where to go, just waiting to be noticed.

I recently found some grief while sharing this story with a beloved friend. (We both agreed that death is best done beside those you love.) As the story came out of my mouth, tears sat in my eyes and one dropped on my face.

The story; During the last weeks of Mums’ life, she mostly lay in a big, black oak, bed. Under blankets and a beautiful pink, fawn croched cover, lined with pink satin. Mum was a craft woman, she knitted, sewed, gardened, she had made this bed cover. It was for her and Dads’ bed but on weekends we all five kids piled in as well.When Dad was there he would make up stories about birds with a big grin on his face. My young brother and me were spell bound.

Now Mum was ill, I would climb on the bed with a small ,black comb in my hand. I would snuggle close to her while I used the comb to loosen the drandruf in her thick black, greying hair.As I write I can feel the oil from her hair soothng my dry hands.

Mum would become so still I had to check to see if she was still breathing. She would almost go into a deep, peaceful, sleep. The last session of this closeness between us, she told me she was dying and would be by 1pm tomorrow and that I would be ok. I said to her “No Mummy you are not dying ” I knew she was telling me truth but I choose to hold denial for a moment.

The next morning I was sent to school and Mum to hospital alone.

Later that day my teacher told me my sister was here and wanted to talk to me.As I left the class room I looked at the big, white faced clock, on the wall above the piped heater,it was 1pm. My sister told me what I already knew.




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Getting to Peace

Getting to Peace a guide for healing from rape and abuse

This book is dedicated to my friend Shelia Evans who said ” this must be done for the children.”

It includes many women’s stories including my own. However, it is very much based in healing.

Part 1 Has a focus on the identification of the trauma, aftermath.

Part 2. What helps your personal the healing journey.

Recovery,peace and happiness after rape and abuse is totally possible.

Chapter 1 Many women speak of rape touching their soul,spirit, life force and inner self.

chapter 8; Healing comes from within and the nature of the healing journey.

If you are able to get in touch with your inner healing wisdom and allow that to grow, you reclaim your life. giving birth to who you are.

Chapter 11  Healing Ways

The root meaning of the word heal comes form the Anglo Saxon word haelen to be or to become whole. The journey to wholeness can be likened to gathering pieces of ourselves that have broken off.”

Rape and sexual abuse are crimes that are often shrouded in silence.

Sometimes because of stigma, shame,it happened within family, or the innocent have to be protected.

If you want a copy please contact me brendacheyne@gmail .com

I also provide an audio Inner Peace.

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Depression gone by 2 instalment

The delay in my writing has been a fall which resulted in a broken, upper arm, in a few places. Two weeks now and doing well. I have had no depressive reaction which could have been the case. I would have done the self- blaming thoughts, anger etc. My daily life has had to change. No training, not much gardening. Gardening and training are important activities for me. My days have no distractions ( i don’t have T.V.) I can’t rush at all.

My focus is my re-hab day by day. I realise in someways I was doing this before when i was wanting to be emotionally well. I worked out that no one but me was going to get me out of the ‘hole’. I had to take action. Back then, Aikido was the first plan so i could defend myself.The training helped me focus on something else, even if it was only for 2 hours. That 2 hours was a window of freedom. Freedom from negative thinking. It was physical movement. When I was a girl I wanted to be a dancer but I was told I was to heavy footed. Aikido is like dance. I often say depression is suppression. Suppression of self, who you truely are.

After 25 years practice, my Aikido training is coming in handy; focus, practice, everyday I try to do something new. I watch my arm slowly getting more movement. I can watch Aikido on line. I have my gee hanging in the bedroom so i see it every day. I dream being back at training. I practice the foot work.

When I was experiencing depression I could never see a future. Even doing Aikido during those early years I didn’t even imagine I would be a black belt. Grades just happened because I kept at it. I really get the way of practice these days.

I am also meditating twice a day for longer periods. I began meditating in 2000. It suits me, I need quiet time, it is a part of me, and relaxtion /stillness helps my body heal. I have also found that meditation will bring to the surface any old buried emotion. For me i think the depression i experienced was also buried pain from the past.

That’s it for now, off to do my exercises for my arm (5x a day)

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New Login Page

The WordPress.com Blog

Sense something different today? Well, if not, log out of your blog and log back in again. Wait! What’s that? A new login page!

Okay, let me explain. A long time ago, there were seven guys, including myself, who started a project named Shuttle. Shuttle’s mission was to redesign the WordPress back-end and it sort of happened, but it didn’t go as far as we wanted it to. One of my missions here is to see that Shuttle finally makes its debut in whatever form we as a team see fit.

The login page is the first step towards that. Remember, baby steps. 🙂 This particular design was made by Michael Heilemann during the course of the project. I hope you like this little change, and be sure to expect lots of other changes to come.

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Depression gone by

On Sunday at my local cafe I got talking with the couple next to me. The man shared he had depression. A great conversation between us developed such refreshing , inspiring, honesty from them both.

During my years of depression one of the things I suffered was isolation. Already feeling bad in myself alientated, silenced mixed with shame which added to the mix of panic attacks, anxiety, social anxiety, mood swings, lack of confidence and self worth it was awful.

Sometimes I would get into a panic state just trying to decide what to where in the morning. I would get anxious when people came to visit. I felt ashamed because my home might not be seen as perfect. The internal voice I had, lived constantly inside me with self put downs, judgments tinged with “why don’t you kill yourself, you are no good to anyone”. Phew I feel emotional just writing this.

The conversation with the couple got me thinking. How rare it is that 3 strangers at a cafe share a heart felt conversation. ( it is rare anywhere). I told them that I had not had any symptoms for 14 years, as I said this I tapped the wooden table. I was offically diagnosied with complex post traumatic stress disorder. When I read the psychologists report at the time, I cried because it stated that I would always experience some symptoms for the rest of my life. However, something stirred in me; I have been known to be a stroppy woman.(My husband say’s it is because I am a red head ). In amongst the tears and the life sentance I had been given I wanted to prove her wrong.

Sharing with another friend the other day who is a psycologist, I said” maybe I need to go back over my path and identify what has helped me.” He agreed.

This is why I am writing. I have a happy life these days. I am on the pension, morgage free, I work part time as a hypnotherapist. I am time free, what a gift. I garden , walk the dog, play with the Grandies. I get words flooding through my head, be interesting to feel what it is like to put them on electronic paper.

I am no expert; I have been through life traumas and grief. In fact I truly feel learning never stops and we are all our own experts. Experts in knowing what we need and who we are. I have not done my happiness journey alone. I have met helpful people on the way and I am an avid reader of self change. Self change began for me when I was twenty. I was introduced to Krisnamurti’s teachings. I met him when I was twenty two, he shook my hand, his eyes were like dark pools and now I relaise that was love.

Blogs are best kept short my story will continue.

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Ruby and me

It has been a while since I wrote. I find that sometimes words run through my head and I just have to put them on paper. It has been a quiet time for words in my head.

Gardening lots, summer is calling me. Tending to the seeds and small plants of my vege garden takes focus every day. Wellington winds dry soil and can kill a small plant in a second. Lots of fruit on fejoas trees and the plums are hanging on through the winds. A few apples and pears appearing. Strawberries blooming. My Grape vines fruiting. I have had one for ages that never fruited. Filia my Grand daughter and I sung to it every time we passed by, it has worked. I also stopped feeding it, it was to leafy.

Ruby and me. Our relationship continues to develop. She has taken to running to the beach by herself! She knows the tracks that led her there and how the valley road does if we are walking. Not exactly dog edict in this day and age. It was suggested an  Ecollar might help.  When she gets to the beach she runs in the sea and won’t come when I call. I seriously considered a new home for her. That thought has passed. Watched Cesar Milan videos and looking at Ecollars.However, the other night when fire works were going off she got on my bed and cuddled up close for an hour. The bond of trust is growing.

I know it is about control and leadership but I can see that the bond between us is important too. Ruby is helping me develop my Aikido. What -ever comes my way meet it, blend with it, then the transformation will happen naturally. No need to push or force.

I have had animals in my life most of my life. My dogs have always been the perfect dog for me a the time, all rescued. Gerry then Esther both kept me safe while I was getting through the fear aftermath after the rapes. Sometimes it was Esther that gave me the energy to get up and put one foot in front of the other and walk.

Ruby; well our relationship is definitely evolving. At this stage I can see we are learning to be free to be ourselves. To learn to trust, practice and be consistent. Change is a foot I am sure of that.

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