Animal Antics

When my children left home and the three cats stayed. Alfie, Buttercup who are now about 14 and their mother Spike 16years old. The kittens were born on a seat in the living room. Instantly named by my daughters, I just knew my weak pleas of “we must find them a home“were not heard. Their fate was signed and sealed.

These cats are still very much a part of my home. Ruby coming to live with us caused a major  stir in dynamics. Spike hit her every day for ages. Now Ruby has her confidence growing, she tries to have a go at Spike. With my new dog training abilities developing, the war between them is settling. I have been watching Cesar Milan’s  u tube videos. I like his style and it is working. I am learning to be pack leader which is good for me in many ways. I am finding a new part of me “the boss”.

Ruby and I walk the paths in the reserve behind the house every day. Most days Alfie the cat comes with us. She will walk right out the point, only hiding if someone else comes along. They are good friends. Ruby goes first in line, then me, followed by little Alfie. When she feels comfortable with any other walkers and stays on the path, they are amazed. Alfie will even come along in the rain.

My neighbor and friend Diana walked with her big dog and cat when she lived here, we are keeping up the tradition. I love the fact that my Grandchildren visit and enjoy Alfie and Spike and Buttercup now called Butty, Butty boo bum. Butty hides when the children come. I had to take a photo to show the Grandkids that she did exsist. Occasionally she shows herself or I find her hiding in a warm spot in a cupboard and we can sneak up and look at her for a few seconds, she is so funny but the most cuddly.

I am a sucker for animals it runs in the family, I get it from my Shetland Dad. He loved animals and often had funny names for them. His last pet was a chihuahua called Tiny.




About brendacheyne

I am a hypnotherapist/coach. Mother Grandmother passionate gardener, third degree black belt in Aikido. I want to see an end to abuse and rape on the Earth.
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