Ruby and me

It has been a while since I wrote. I find that sometimes words run through my head and I just have to put them on paper. It has been a quiet time for words in my head.

Gardening lots, summer is calling me. Tending to the seeds and small plants of my vege garden takes focus every day. Wellington winds dry soil and can kill a small plant in a second. Lots of fruit on fejoas trees and the plums are hanging on through the winds. A few apples and pears appearing. Strawberries blooming. My Grape vines fruiting. I have had one for ages that never fruited. Filia my Grand daughter and I sung to it every time we passed by, it has worked. I also stopped feeding it, it was to leafy.

Ruby and me. Our relationship continues to develop. She has taken to running to the beach by herself! She knows the tracks that led her there and how the valley road does if we are walking. Not exactly dog edict in this day and age. It was suggested an  Ecollar might help.  When she gets to the beach she runs in the sea and won’t come when I call. I seriously considered a new home for her. That thought has passed. Watched Cesar Milan videos and looking at Ecollars.However, the other night when fire works were going off she got on my bed and cuddled up close for an hour. The bond of trust is growing.

I know it is about control and leadership but I can see that the bond between us is important too. Ruby is helping me develop my Aikido. What -ever comes my way meet it, blend with it, then the transformation will happen naturally. No need to push or force.

I have had animals in my life most of my life. My dogs have always been the perfect dog for me a the time, all rescued. Gerry then Esther both kept me safe while I was getting through the fear aftermath after the rapes. Sometimes it was Esther that gave me the energy to get up and put one foot in front of the other and walk.

Ruby; well our relationship is definitely evolving. At this stage I can see we are learning to be free to be ourselves. To learn to trust, practice and be consistent. Change is a foot I am sure of that.

About brendacheyne

I am a hypnotherapist/coach. Mother Grandmother passionate gardener, third degree black belt in Aikido. I want to see an end to abuse and rape on the Earth.
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1 Response to Ruby and me

  1. Nick r says:

    Hi Brenda, loved the blog it is most personal and gives me a great understanding of your connection with both the earth and animals. Funny thing about trust is it makes commands easier to follow and is based on love not fear.
    Having got rescued animals ourselves once trust is established the rest is easy.
    Keen to know what else has been going through your head.


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